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Roof Repair Service

Most houses, buildings or other structures have their roof deteriorating over time from various reasons and require roof repair service. It is really important to address any issues encountered with a roof as soon as possible as failing to do so might cause damages to the building or house itself and even furniture or goods residing under the roof, not to mention your discomfort.

There are different major reasons why a roof would need roof repairing, the main ones though being strong winds and storms that cause the damage, which would then facilitate water infiltration that would increase the damages. If you noticed any damages to your roof, you should contact roof specialists immediately to fix it, making it easier and less costly to fix than if you ignore it for a while and allow the issue to become more serious.

Able Roofing provides professional roof repair services and can help you with any fix you might need for your roof. We work with domestic as well as commercial roofs, so you can rely on us with any small or large project you are in need of.

Our specialists have the knowledge and the equipment to provide a large variety of services, including roof re-pointing and re-bedding as part of our roof repair services.

Roof Re-Bedding

Roof re-bedding refers to the application of a layer of cement mortar that would offer a better grip to the roof tiles and prevent them from becoming loose, broken or blown away by strong winds and storms.

If you notice loose tiles on your roof, it might be a sign that the bedding of your roof got deteriorated or weakened and might need re-bedding. It is best to have a specialist to come and check its integrity as a weakened bedding will make your tiles and roof weakened and unsecured, leading to displaced tiles.

The bedding should be maintained on a regular basis, ensuring the strength and integrity of you roof.

Roof Re-Pointing

Another step that can be crucial in the proper functionality of your roof it roof re-pointing. Re-pointing is being done after the roof has been bedded and it consists in the application of another layer on top of the cement layer previously applied, which would increase even more the strong hold of the tiles.

Re-pointing prevents any movement of the tiles and also ensures your roof will not leak under heavy wet weather conditions.

Affordable Roof Repair Services

At Able Roof Restoration, the high quality of our roof repair services comes for extremely affordable prices. We will have a valid solution to your roof issues that would suit your needs and budget.

We also offer FREE quotes that will let you know the expenses fixing your roof will require, without adding any charge or pressure for inquires.

For more information about our roof repair services, please contact us on 0475 000 555.