Roof Restoration

roof restoration

Roof restoration is not only needed to make a roof look at its best, but it will also increase the length of your roof life.

Roof restoration can be used as a preventative method for weakening roofs and major problems that can occur otherwise in the future. Having your roof inspected and restored is a great way of detecting, fixing or preventing any problems that might be occurring.

Don’t wait for your roof to deteriorate or show clear signs of deterioration as that might mean you roof will need to be replaced and involve more expenses than a restoration. The restoration process can save you money and time, as only the places and sections of the roof that need attention will be restored and not having the entire roof replaced or fixed.

Roof Restoration Services

Able Roof Restoration Sydney wide offers professional roof restoration services that will bring your roof to its old glory and increase its longevity.

Weather you have a small or large roof, sloping roof or flat commercial roof or roofs with a custom architecture, our team has the knowledge and experience in restoring problem areas before more serious problems are inflicted and major fixing will be needed.

Roof restoration involves the roof being cleaned, pointed and then painted to give an aesthetically pleasing look. However, it can sometimes look artificial and to give it a more natural look we clean, paint then point.
The process of roof restoration can be used on a large variety of roof materials such as concrete tiles, terracotta tiles or metal and depending on the material of the roof, the restoration process will differ.

Concrete Tiles

If your roof has concrete tiles, we first pressure clean the entire roof, remove the ridge caps and if needed we re-bed it. After having removed the old mortar, we will be re-pointing all the ridge caps by applying flexible pointing mortar and then apply the sealer or the primer coat on the entire roof. After that we can again apply coats with the colour of your choice.

Terracotta Tiles

If your roof is made up of terracotta tiles, we don’t use high-pressure system to clean the roof of moss, algae or lichen, which can damage your tile. Instead, we apply an environmentally friendly anti lichen, moss or algae solution throughout the entire roof and then we use the high-pressure system to clean the entire roof, remove the ridge caps and if need we re-bed them after having removed the old mortar.
After this first stage is finished, is followed by re-pointing all the ridge caps by applying flexible pointing mortar. That action will be followed by the application of the sealer or the primer coat on the entire roof, and then again apply coats with the colour of your choice.

Metal Roof

If you have colorbond or galvanise iron roof, we will start with treating any rust by grinding and applying rust converter directly to the metal roof. The rust converter will turn the rust into a chemical barrier making it moisture resistant, which will prevent further corrosion.
In the second phase, we replace any of the sheets that are beyond repair by using just a rust converter solvent. Next, we remove any nails or screws that are loose or have become rusted themselves and have the roof pressure cleaned. A primer coat is then applied to the metal roof followed by additional coats with the colour of your choice.

Commercial Roof Restoration Services

Restoring a commercial roof is a specialised that requires extensive knowledge and experience and you will want to have the right team to help you renovate your roof.

At Able Roof Restoration, we have the right experience, equipment and a wide ranging base of solutions to recommend us in being the right team to repair and help you plan a restoration project for your commercial building.

For additional information about our restoration and a Free Quote email us on our Contact Us page or contact us on 0475 000 555.